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Watch Winder - the perfect companion for automatic watches (luxury watches)

With an automatic watch you must always ensure that it always runs perfectly. Especially if you buy another watch, at some point it comes to the situation that one of the two automatic watches breaks down and therefore also stops. But the winding and adjusting are not only very laborious but also cost a lot of time.

Good to know: While battery-operated watches simply continue to run until the batteries are empty, the automatic watches simply stop after a certain time. Here, they clearly lack the movement to transfer the energy to the movement so that it runs. The watch winder is the perfect solution here and ensures that the automatic watch continues to run and does not stop.

The task of a watch winder, watch turner, watch turner, watch winders or watch shaker

The automatic watch can only work if movement from outside affects the inner rotor system. By moving the wrist while wearing the watch, the resulting energy is transferred directly to the movement. An automatic watch which is not worn now, thus also gets no energy. An unworn automatic watch would now stop after two to three days and would have to be completely readjusted. The watch winder for automatic watches, also called wristwatch mover, now automatically prevents the watch from stopping.

The watch winder imitates the movement of the wrist and thus serves primarily to maintain the correct time. Of course, this also applies to other functions of the watch, such as the date, the moon phase display or a second time zone. In addition, however, the decorative quality of a watch turner should not be underestimated. It appears noble, timeless and modern at the same time.

Buy watch winders - what to look out for?

It is always important that a watch winder works perfectly in the test. With the automatic watch winders from our shop, we always made sure that functionality and quality and design harmonize perfectly with each other and thus can be guaranteed that the watch used at no time stops.

Whoever wants to buy a watch winder, however, should always pay attention to which direction of rotation is needed for the particular watch. If you are unsure, you can usually find this out in the manufacturer's instructions. Many automatic watch vibrators from our shop turn in both directions and can therefore be used for each of the watches.

Equally important is the size of the watch. Thus, the automatic watch winder with battery for watches with a diameter of up to 60 mm, a watch for up to 400 grams and a bracelet length, which should be between 15 and 21 cm.

In addition, it must be looked for what number of watches is the watch winder. While some need only one watch winder, there are also watch winders for 2 watches or for 4 watches. Whoever owns many automatic watches, which also finds watch winders for 6 watches and more. This has the advantage that you do not only need a watch winder with battery, but you have exactly one watch storage.

Buy watch winders & watch turners online

If you are looking for particularly high-quality models, such as the Modalo watch winders, you have come to the right place. We offer you a large selection of different watch winders and watch turners. Starting with the automatic watch winder for one watch, we also offer you models that can operate up to four automatic watches simultaneously and independently. So you can be sure that your luxurious automatic watch does not stop and is always 100 percent ready for use.

We also have a great selection of different models to offer you in terms of design and are particularly proud of the fact that we can convince you in terms of quality all along the line. A solidly built case made of first-class New Zealand wood not only ensures the necessary safety, but also quality and robustness. The large glass door allows an unrestricted view of your luxury watch and the interior lighting lets it shine in perfect light.

The watch winders from our online shop are therefore also an excellent way to present your complete watch collection in an excellent way, to store the watches safely and at the same time make sure that they do not stop. It does not matter whether the watch winder is needed for the Rolex or for another automatic watch, our models can be used for all current wristwatches.

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