ACCESSOIRES - Cigar Cases and leather Wallets

High quality and elegant men's accessories for men - noble and elegant - cigar boxes, cigar cases from Modalo and wallets from Hirschhorn

Accessories in the male world are rarer than in the female world, but they are also needed in the male world for certain goods. Admittedly, accessories for men - especially in business fashion - in most cases are not characterized by the pomp and the strong glitter, but by a much simpler design, which does not, however, reduce the value of these pieces of jewelry. Beside the wristwatch - the most worn piece of jewellery, the accessory badly hinted at - there are also other exclusive accessories, such as cigar cases, which are a real eye-catcher. A cigar case is a very interesting accessory for the high-quality and very stylish storage of your precious cigars. Especially when you are at parties where you want to make an impression, this can be done well with such a cigarette case.
Smoking a cigar should be stylish, so celebrate this cigar pleasure also stylishly with an elegant MODALO cigar box from our shop. The high-quality workmanship of this box is impressive. This makes smoking a cigar at a noble moment, which also makes a strong impression.

In our online shop with men's accessories, we offer different sized boxes for a different number of cigars. Whether you need a box for 2 or 5 cigars, you will find the right cigar box for your needs. The integrated stainless steel cutter prepares the cigars optimally for a cultivated pleasure for you. The box is not only practical and functional, it is also an exclusive accessory, because it is made of high quality calf leather by excellent craftsmen and is of a very high quality. The refined and shapely case is a real must-have for every cigar lover who wants to give a stylish impression.
Even in everyday life you have the opportunity to carry other beautiful accessories with you. An elegant wallet is actually almost unthinkable. Our HIRSCHHORN wallets, as well as our noble cigar cases, are characterized by their excellent quality and high-class workmanship. The wallet for business men also has a sophisticated touch due to its colourful interior. And the wallet has long since ceased to be just the place for your money, but is now an expressive accessory.

The leather wallet, which is covered in black on the outside, offers a variation in terms of the inner colours. You have the choice of blue interior, as well as orange or red. For those who like it more simple, they can also leave it simple. Because the business wallet is of course also available in a uniform black variation.

Put on one of the most elegant and simple accessories today and refine your look with the HIRSCHHORN leather wallet.

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