MODALO Ambiente MV4 watch winder for 1, 2 or 4 automatic watches

Often owners of automatic watches have several different watches in their collection, which of course can not always be worn? No problem. Our watch winder solves this problem and combines it with an elegant design. This is made possible by a running drive, which keeps the watches always in motion!

Therefore, a watch winder is often not a bad purchase. This avoids situations in which you have to reset a watch, which has not been worn for a long time, because the movement was not moved and therefore stopped with time.

MODALO watch winders for 1, 2 or 4 watches are characterized by their quality and high quality workmanship very much. Watch winders for automatic watches are actually very essential for the valuable jewelry. Watch winders wind up your watches and ensure that they do not come to a standstill in the unworn phases. If automatic watches stop, it can quickly come to high costs for the new adjustment. With a watch winder, the watches are thus rotated in certain directions of rotation, so that they are always running and are always ready for use.

The model MODALO Ambiente MV4 for 2 automatic watches is an extremely decorative and functional watch winder. The shape and the five design variants, make the watch winder a real eye-catcher in every room. The solid case, made of New Zealand wood, together with the glass door offers the watches the necessary protection against damage. The discreet interior lighting and the maintenance of the 12 o'clock position also offer a pleasant and elegant handling in everyday life. The piano lacquered surface refines the box and adapts excellently to the room. The rotation modes are right, left and alternating. The values for the number of revolutions per day are between 900 and 1700 TPD.

The luxury watch rotator for different watches can be operated with batteries or with a power supply. Put on this model, it is another true jewel next to your watches and will guarantee you the permanent and best possible conservation of value of your automatic watches.

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