MODALO Inspiration MV4 watch winder for 1 or 2 automatic watches

You are the owner of an automatic watch and need a safe but also visually appealing storage place? To put on a MODALO watch winder Inspiration MV4 is often not so twisted. It avoids situations in which you have to reset a watch that you have not worn for a long time, because the movement is stationary and both the date and the time are mixed up.

MODALO watch winders are very characterized by their quality and high quality workmanship. Watch winders for automatic watches are actually very essential for the valuable pieces of jewelry. Watch winders wind up your watches and ensure that they do not come to a standstill in the unworn phases. Because the re-adjustment of automatic watches is very complicated and laborious. With a watch winder, the watches are thus turned in certain directions of rotation, so that they are always running and are available at any time ready for use.

The MODALO Inspiration MV4 is a watch winder for 1 or 2 watches. It ensures that as soon as your accessory is not on your wrist, it will not stop. The MODALO Inspiration MV4 is equipped with the most modern technologies and therefore offers outstanding performance. It shines with pure elegance and attracts the attention of everyone. The case on New Zealand solid wood serves as a robust protective cover. The exquisite finish with the high-gloss piano lacquer gives the device a modern and noble touch. The sophisticated and outstanding watch winder also has chrome-plated metal feet and an optional battery operation - otherwise mains operated. The five programmable settings for the TPD values are also noteworthy.

The rotation modes are right, left and alternating. The values for the number of revolutions per day are between 900 and 1700 TPD. Put this model on, it is a real jewel next to your watches!

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