MODALO Saturn Style MV4 for automatic watches

Owners of one or more automatic watches need a safe and at the same time mobile storage place for their valuable watches. To put on a MODALO watch winder Saturn MV4 is often not so twisted. This avoids situations in which you have to reset a watch, which you have not worn for a long time, because the movement has stopped due to insufficient application.

MODALO watch winders are characterized by their quality and high quality processing very much. The not only the function is important, but also the design of their watch winder. In this they store valuable watches, which of course may not be stored in a cheap box. Watch winders for automatic watches are actually very essential for the valuable jewelry. Watch winders wind your watches and ensure that they do not come to a standstill during the unworn phases. Because the re-adjustment of automatic watches is very complicated and laborious and often only possible by a specialist. With a watch winder, the watches are thus turned in certain directions of rotation, so that they are always running and are available at any time ready for use.

The MODALO Saturn Style MV4 is a watch winder. It is characterized above all by its exclusive leather design and presents the precious collector's items in a noble and elegant way. The precise craftsmanship and finely tuned details make this model unique. The harmonious material composition with white stitching provides a refined touch and a modern appearance. The use of a high-quality micro-leather ensures a high degree of friction resistance and colour fastness. These give this first-class watch winder an elegant appearance. The case on New Zealand solid wood forms a robust cover and thus offers a good protection for the watches and of course a timeless design.

The MODALO watch winder is suitable for automatic watches and heavy watches up to 400 gr. The strap lengths have 15-21 vm and the watch diameter bus to 60mm. The device has programmable settings. Five programs can be set. Rotation directions are right, left and alternating, i.e. you can wind up any watch - regardless of its rotation - on the MODALO watch winder.

The values for the number of rotations per day are between 900 and 1700 TPD. This model is a watch winder with battery operation.

-Anodized aluminum case with soft curves,
satin matt finish, decorated with high gloss line
- Exclusive decorative materials
- 5 programs: 900 TPD CW, 900 TPD CCW,
1700 TPD and 900 TPD bidirectional
- Resting phase in 12 o'clock position
- Optional battery operation
- German development and production

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