Watch winder & watch winder for an automatic watch from MODALO in the design Estate MV4

Owners of an automatic watch, often have severe problems with the storage of their watches? Especially here our watch makers can provide you with a safe place to store your watches. This avoids situations in which they cannot wear their watch. After all, they are no longer functional after a long period of lying down and will remain standing. This is avoided by our watchdrivers because the watches are always in motion and therefore cannot stop.

MODALO watch winder ESTATE MV4 are so special through quality and timeless design. Watch winders for automatic watches are very important for your jewelry. Watch winders wind your watches and ensure that they do not stop when they are not worn for a long period of time. Because the re-adjustment of automatic watches is very complicated and laborious. With a watch winder, the watches are thus turned in certain directions of rotation, so that they do not stop running and must be wound up again.

The model of the Estate MV4 collection is far superior to conventional watch winders. The anodized, satin-matt aluminum case, which is available in macassar woods, mother-of-pearl or carbon, is a real gem. This almost raises the question, what is the eye-catcher - the watch or the watch winder?

The simple design combined with the latest technologies is a must-have for enthusiastic watch collectors and all those who are concerned about the protection and decorative-presentative storage of their watches. The rotation modes are right, left and alternating. The values for the number of rotations per day are between 900 and 1700 TPD. The watch rotator can be operated with batteries or with a mains adapter. Don't miss this excellent clockwinder. Put one on and make sure your watches are stored in a safe, clean and beautiful place.

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