The MODALO Safe Systems offers absolute high-quality watch winders and watch winder for 2, 4 or 8 watches

MODALO Watch Winder Safe Systems MV4 will become an attractive place to store your watches, especially because of its quality and timeless design. Watch winders for automatic watches are actually very essential for the valuable pieces of jewelry. Watch winders ensure through the rotation that their watches do not stop. Because the re-setting of automatic watches is very complicated and laborious and associated with high costs. With a watch winder, the watches are thus rotated in certain directions of rotation to be ready when they want to run the watch then.

The MODALO Safe Systems MV4 model has all the functions of a conventional watch winder but has an additional, very important feature: the safe doors. The noble design, which consists of a solid case made of solid wood, has a surface of scratch-resistant textured lacquer. The innovative touch display with a noble glass surface ensures maximum operating comfort. Settings can be individually adjusted for each watch, and you also have a wide selection of settings. In addition, the device has other functions such as the rapid winding (for stopped watches) or the LED light control A truly sophisticated watch winder, which ensures maximum security through the robust safe doors.

Rotation modes are right, left and alternating So you have for each model also their variant. The values for the number of rotations per day are between 650 and 1000 TPD. The watch winder can be operated with batteries or with a power supply. Put on this model. This can become a further piece of jewellery next to your watches and offers a safe and functional storage place.

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